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What Many People Ignore in Staking and Yield Farming

Back in the old days whenever someone said HODL my reply was why not just stake instead and earn some interest? That is true if the coin we stake will go up in value. However, many people did not think of what happen if the coin value go down? For example, you have 100 coins worth $1 each ($100 worth) with interest annual percentage rate (APR) 30% a year:

  • With APR 30% you will have 100 + 30 = 130 coins at the end of the year.
  • If the price drops more than APR 30%, you lose for example 130 coins costs $0.6 (price drops by 40%) is worth 130 * 0.6 = $78. Profit/loss $78 - $100 = -$22
  • If the price drops slightly below APR you still win for example 130 coins costs $0.8 (price drops by 20%) is worth 130 * 0.8 = $104. Profit/loss $104 - $100 = $4
  • If the price stays you win ofcourse. 30% APR is $130 where profit/loss $130 - $100 = $30.
  • If the price goes up is the best situation. Not only your investment when up but you also earned interest. Still the best investment is ofcourse the one with the highest profit. For example, which do you prefer? Buy Fairmoon on 30th March 2021 or buy and stake Ape Swap Banana?
    • I bought 200 Ape Swap Banana at $0.5 ($100 worth of investment) and the APR on its pool is 266%, and then the price goes up to $1. 200 Banana 266% is 532 Banana so the total is 200 + 532 = 732 then * $1 which all worth $732 and the profit/loss is $732 - $100 = $632.
    • Buy $100 Fairmoon at $0.00015 on March 30, 2021 where we will get 666666 Fairmoon. 3 days later, the price goes up to $0.02 which is $0.02 - $0.00015 = $0.01985, divided by $0.00015 = 132 then time 100% = 13200%. Anyway the 666666 Fairmoon * $0.02 is now worth $13333 where the profit/loss = $13333 - $100 = $13233.
    • Comparing both profit, buying Fairmoon early $13233 - $632 = $12601 more profitable than buying and staking Apeswap Banana. (Disclaimer: this is just historical example and not financial advice for example if Apeswap Banana will go up to $20, 732 * $20 = 14640, ofcourse it is better to buy and stake Apeswap Banana)

Issue With Many New Players

Now, the problem is the new players in crypto. For old timer like us, we are used to do our own research (DYOR) such as check the fundamentals, check the sentiments, and finally check the technical analysis of a coin. If there is potential, then buy the coin. Majority of new players probably does not bother doing there own research and even if they did, we still wonder if they are able to handle the volatility of the market. 10% - 20% up and down a day is normal in crypto but those new players most likely will have a heart attack after seeing their investment (or gamble) down by 10% the next day and panic sell. The day later, they cry because their gamble that they sold went up by 50%. When I became known to be in crypto, most of the people who came to me want to give me money and use them to invest in crypto on their behalf.

  1. Learning to invest in cryptocurrency takes time for those who are not computer literate.
  2. Some are just to lazy to learn and just want to leave their money to me hoping to profit together.

The Safe Plan I Found

Therefore, for these people, I search some plans of low risk investments in crypto and one of the answer I found is yield farming using stable fiat coin. Yield farming in crypto is providing liquidity and get rewarded in fees plus some tokens. It is called farming because the coins we plant generates crops. For those of you who still do not understand, just think of it as a certificate of deposit (COD) that generates interest in another currency for example we deposit Dollar and we get interest in Yuan. Like staking, yield farming is not profitable if the interest does not cover the loss of the asset's value (the coin goes down in price). However, there are farms now where we do not need to risk our investment in volatile coins but use fiat stable coins as the seeds to grow some yields.

Yield farming started during the decentralized finance (DeFi) craze in 2020. For example, we can just supply some dollar stable coins such USDC and DAI and earn interest plus farming their COMP token. Why did I not start back then but only now? The fees on Ethereum became crazily expensive for for average people. Imagine paying $50 to deposit then another $50 to withdraw. This is because of Ethereum scalability issue with only a dozens of transaction per second because they are focusing more on decentralization and security. The more users came, the more users wait and they do not like waiting so what do they do? Rich people who farms hundred thousands of dollars, millions of dollars, are willing to pay thousands of dollars of fee. A thousand dollar is like a snack to them. What about average people like us? We are only willing the pay a few dollars and how long must me wait until a miner serve us? Maybe forever because there are always people willing to pay more?

Good news for average people like us this year there are Layer 2 Ethereums and other alternatives such as Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Wan Chain that ranges the fee from almost 0 to most expensive as 20 cents. We can profit in farming with only just a hundred dollar. Other than that, what are these stable coin farming are useful for?

  1. Generate yields on our stable coins while we are doing our own research (DOOR) waiting for our next investment.
  2. Lower risk plan for high net worth individuals with better returns than the traditional financial system. If you are living in developed countries, you will be lucky finding a deposit interest rate of 1% and if you are not lucky, the interest rate is negative meaning that you are losing money instead. In developing countries, you may find 5% of interest rate. In mutual funds and government bonds, you are lucky if you can find 10% APR. Today's yield farming using fiat stable coin cryptocurrency guarantees a rate above 10% where for now I saw 20% - 100% APY.
  3. A safe plan for other people who wants to put their money in you because they are too lazy to do crypto themselves. Before I found this safe plan, I always reject them because crypto trading is more risky than stock trading. Although I won thousands of dollars but there are bear markets where I lose thousands of dollars as well. Now with these low risk plans that I found, I am starting my investment firms for those who kept bugging me to take their money and help them invest it.
  4. Face it, the world we are living now almost everything is valued in fiat such as USD. Not only we buy goods and services using USD but most of us earn our wages in USD which is why eventhough I like the term 1 BTC = 1 BTC but it is too selfish to use. Not all people can earn in BTC and even if they can, not all of us can use BTC to buy foods and drinks. Lets be realistic that most of us do not measure the value of a coin in BTC nor XAU but measure them in USD. If the value in USD goes down is a loss and if the value in USD goes up is a profit. Then what about yield farming using fiat stable coins? Theoretically, we can never lose because the coin value remains stable to the USD and we earn interest plus yield unless the fees are high.

Before I continue, while the calculator shows no risk because it is USD generating interest and yield but becareful with the platform because malicious platform can steal our money. For now top well known platforms such as Venus Protocol, Pancake Swap, and Ape Swap are reliable and maybe some other audited platforms as well such as Conveyor Belt. Other than that, becareful of other platform for example Turtle DEX was said to be rug pulled where people putting their money there lost them.


Quick Swap when $150/QUICK

Stable Coin Quick Swap
  • maUSDC-USDC: 31.58% in QUICK

Cometh Swap when $199/MUST

Stable Coin Cometh Swap
  • maUSDC-USDC: 51% in MUST

Wan Chain

Wan Swap when $0.379/WASP

Stable Coin Wan Swap
  • wanUSDT-wanUSDC: 47% in WASP

Binance Smart Chain

Venus Protocol when $79.63/XVS

Stable Coin Venus Protocol
  • USDC: 9.56%
  • USDT: 4.1%
  • DAI: 5.73%
  • BUSD: 9.71%

Pancake Swap when $17.5/CAKE

Stable Coin Pancake Swap
  • USDC-BUSD: 19.2% * 0.5 in CAKE
  • USDT-BUSD: 12.89% * 0.5 in CAKE
  • DAI-BUSD: 20.56% * 0.5 in CAKE
  • VAI-BUSD: 27.46% * 0.5 in CAKE
  • UST-BUSD: 24.19% * 0.5 in CAKE

Ape Swap when $1/BANANA

Stable Coin Ape Swap
  • USDC-BUSD: 58.79% * 1.5 in BANANA

Bakery Swap when $1/BAKE

Stable Coin Bakery Swap
  • BUSD-USDC: 29.03% in BAKE

Conveyor Belt when $100/BELT

Stable Coin Conveyor Belt
  • BUSD, USDC, USDT, DAI: 65.95% in BELT

Pancake Bunny when $264/BUNNY

Stable Coin Pancake Bunny
  • VAI-BUSD: 73.44% in BUNNY
  • VAI-BUSD Cake Maximizer: 102.78% in CAKE and BUNNY
  • USDT-BUSD: 43.46% in BUNNY
  • USDT-BUSD: 29.66% in KEBAB

JulSwap when $0.15/JULD

Stable Coin Jul Swap
  • USDT-BUSD: 30.93% in JULD

Hyperjump when $1.2/ALLOY

Stable Coin Hyper Jump
  • USDT-BUSD: 62.01% in ALLOY

Kebab Finance when $2.25/KEBAB

Stable Coin Kebab Finance
  • USDC-BUSD: 35.61% in KEBAB
  • USDT-BUSD: 29.66% in KEBAB
  • DAI-BUSD: 36.47% in KEBAB

Spartan Protocol when $1.22/SPARTAN

Stable Coin Spartan Protocol
  • BUSD: 170.13% in SPARTAN
  • USDT: 170.56% in SPARTAN

DODO when $3.7/DODO

Stable Coin DODO
  • BUSD-USDT: 40% in DODO

Swamp when $124/SWAMP

Stable Coin Swamp
  • USDT-BUSD: 67.49% * 0.5 in SWAMP

UBU Finance when $0.38/UBU

Stable Coin UBU
  • USDT: 152.92% * in UBU

Goose Finance when $26.159/EGG

Stable Coin Goose Finance
  • USDT-BUSD: 75.25% * 4 in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • USDC-BUSD: 60.37% * 4 in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • DAI-BUSD: 95.26% * 4 in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • BUSD: 77.61% * 2 in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • USDT: 79.64% in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • USDC: 80.50% in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)
  • DAI: 86.22% in EGG (Deposit Fee 1.5%)

Salt Swap when $0.369/SALT

Stable Coin Salt Swap
  • DAI-BUSD: 52.6% * 4 in SALT (Deposit Fee 1.5%)

Slime Finance when $3.304/SLIME

Stable Coin Slime Finance
  • USDT-BUSD: 109.54% * 2 in SLIME (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • USDT-BUSD Slime LP: 61.42% * 2 in SLIME (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • DAI-BUSD: 57.58% * 2 in SLIME (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • BUSD: 65.07% * 1.5 in SLIME (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • USDT: 62.91% in SLIME (Deposit Fee 4%)

Blue Finance when $4/BLUE

Stable Coin Blue Finance
  • USDT-BUSD: 54.43% * 16 in BLUE (Deposit Fee 2%)
  • BUSD: 83.92% * 16 in BLUE (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • BUSD Purple Layer: 275.35% * 12 in PURPLE (Deposit Fee 4%)

Many Swap when $0.28/MANY

Stable Coin Many Swap
  • BUSD: 508.52% in MANY (Deposit Fee 4%)

Thunder Swap when $4.77/THUNDER

Stable Coin Thunder Swap
  • DAI-BUSD: 394% in THUNDER (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • USDT-BUSD: 356% in THUNDER (Deposit Fee 4%)
  • USDC-BUSD: 399% in THUNDER (Deposit Fee 4%)

More Platforms Will Definitely Come

Leave a comment if you know more platforms and I will include them in the next post.



Presearch for New Users

Presearch is search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing with difference that it is decentralized and powered by cryptocurrency technology. For new users, it is enough to just know the following information:

Presearch Referral

Interested in More?

Presearch Publish0x
  • Normally, I would ask to check their twitter and telegram first but now is more interesting to check their Publish0x posts first where their username is @Presearch because you can do both tip them and yourself in cryptocurrency pennies while reading them. An example information that you can find here is that Presearch is Hiring for staffs in Twitter, email, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Parler, and Quora.
  • Unless you are a gambler, if you are serious in crypto, you should at least check Twitter frequently for news so do follow their Twitter which is @presearchnews. For example, you can find schedules of their ask me anything (AMA) sessions, participating in node testing, and news that they are listed on Uniswap which is bullish since the big moneys are in decentralized finance (DeFi) now.
  • Next is their Telegram @presearch where news usually spreads the fastest on Telegram but the problem with telegram is that it is the home of scammers where I already received hundreds of messages from strangers and in the early days I tried to reply to some of them and all them offers shady investment platforms where I could really lose my cryptos if I deposit there.
  • If you have cheap Internet connection, you may want to watch or just listen to their Youtube channel but I will be honest that I am not interested in their Youtube but what I am interested is their Odysee or LBRY channel which is to be the decentralized video platform that also rewards us in LBC for watching and performing other tasks
Presearch Odysee

Interested in Investing?

Unless you are planning to invest or to develop, you probably do not need anymore information except that Presearch is to be a decentralized search engine governed by the community. There is no harm in using it and even more you are rewarded with PRE tokens for using it. If you want to invest which is buying the PRE tokens, then you need dig deeper.

My Opinion on Their Integrity

Presearch Team

Presearch started in 2017 with one man, then two, then three, the next year became 12, and finally became many (cited from the beginning of their whitepaper). Not only that they survived for 4 years but they also showed growth, they have actual product and thus my opinion is that they are here to stay. Their team web page have their Linkedin accounts showed which is somewhat more trusted accounts in the career ecosystem. While that alone is not enough to put our trust but here some additional information that I found from D&B Business Directory which may help with our investigation:

  • Company Name: Global Limited.
  • Address: 270 King St Midland, ON, L4R 3M3 Canada.
  • Phone: (705) 321-7822.
  • Company Description: Global Limited is located in Midland, ON, Canada and is part of the Information Technology Services Industry. Global Limited has 12 total employees across all of its locations and generates $2.07 million in sales (USD).
  • Key Principle: Colin Pape.
  • Industry: Information Technology Services Professional Services Sector Computer software development Advertising agencies.

As a Developer

Presearch Github

Their engine is not yet open source but they will be they said and they have to be soon if they really plan for further decentralization. For now, there are two codes worth looking at on their Github which are Presearch Packages and the PRE Token Solidity Smart Contract along with its Audit Report. Through Presearch Packages, we can contribute more rich search results for example math package triggered when someone searches for 5 * 10, currency package triggered. when someone searches for two currencies (500 cad to usd), and color picker triggered when someone searches for color picker. For the deployed smart contract is best to see through Etherscan and we can see the holders of the token as well.

Presearch Node

Their first step of decentralization is that they allowed us to run nodes with limited functions now. While nodes on giant private corporations like Google are owned solely by them, Presearch now allows anyone to run a node and even rewarded with PRE tokens for the work. When a user search, the user will connect the best node based on latency etc to tell the node to retrive search results. In short, we can start participating in decentralizing Presearch but not all functions are decentralized now but they claimed to be releasing the decentralization in phases.

Token's Fundamental

Presearch Roadmap

The naratives alone which are decentralized search engine powered by crypto technology is already enough for people with their pockets filled want a sense of ownership on Presearch by buying its token. If we ask random young investors who invested in Apple and Microsoft stocks, probably most of them does not know about dividends, their right to participate in votings, and the perks they may have if they become a major share holder. Most would answer, it's just cool owning those stocks and the sense of fulfiness of being part of something big. Today, Preseaarch not only survived for 4 years but also have a well documented roadmap.

Presearch Keyword Staking

However, that is not the only thing about PRE token. PRE token have utilities. Advertisement showing in recent search engines are based on auction of keywords. The highest bidder gets their ads shown. But the problem with centralized search engine is that the auction is controlled by one entity. No matter how transparent they are, they can never beat the transparency of a machine running an algorithm. Thus, the auction by presearch is currently the most tranparent since the method is staking the PRE tokens on certain keywords and let the machine calculate who has the highest stake and then that staker's ads will be shown on the top. Ideally, the difference between centralized search engine is the custody. In centralized search engine, we deposit our funds to them and unknowingly that we are giving control to them and beg them to place the ads for us. For decentralized search engines, the custody of our coins or tokens should remain with us and we stake our coins to the smart contract to display advertisement and we can unstake anytime and ofcourse we still hold the private key thus ownership is still fully ours even when staking. Unfortunately, Presearch is not at that level yet where the method is still deposit and withdraw in an account. Anyway, the PRE tokens can be used to advertise, to disfavor other advertisements, or to make an ad free experience for users. The process of staking are:

  1. Choose a keyword for example "cryptocurrency for users".
  2. Stake PRE for example "1000".
  3. Place advertisement for example my book "".
Presearch Bitcoin Search

Though we must not forget the very basis of this fundamental that advertisements are useless if there are no users or viewers. All the people I met physically does not use Presearch. If they are not there, how will advertisers be attracted to spend their money to put advertisements? Although the search rewards, the node rewards, and all other basically free token giveaways have negative impact to the price, they are also ways to attract more users, so it is two way or a cycle. Therefore, the front end of the search engine is very important for example, I prefer to use Presearch when writing a cryptocurrency name as a widget is immediately shown from coingecko the price analysis of the coin but when searching for "time in UTC", I prefer to use Google as it shows immediate the time in UTC.

Time in UTC Google Search

My Strategy

If I did my research in the beginning of this year, I would have seen the price as very undervalued and I would have dared all in. However, I was too late now that the priced already pumped. Although based on the fundamentals the it can potentially greatly increases. However, Google still one sided dominates the search engine ecosystem based on the number of users which I think is not enough to have big players place advertisements on Presearch. With the price already pumping in this condition, the price will highly likely drop if the bull market ends and when there is no significant growth. While Google is only the cause of stagnancy, the only threat for Presearch is only another decentralized search engine, especially where we can just use Metamask to stake and unstake. For now, my strategy is to DCA $5 - $10 in every consolidation in Kucoin.

Presearch Price Fundamentals


My Description and Opinion

featured image upland
Real estate business is a rich man's or woman's business now. With the average salary in my area of around $200 a month it will take almost 6 years to accumulate that salary to be able to buy a cheap land which is $14500 and in reality will take even more years as the previous calculation do not include the expenses. Building a home will cost at least another same amount, it can be much more, so how many years for anyone starting from zero to afford a house? Just excluding the expenses, it will take at fastest 12 years. This is the unfortunate fate of average people who are not exposed to banking services. Those who are fortunate can apply for credits or loans where they can immediately own a house but must cut their salary every month. Businessman and entrepreneur knows how to utilize the system. They can borrow money to buy a land or property but do business with them. For example, the trend in my area is building a motel, guess house, or any kind of renting services where the profit can be much more than the amount of interest they need to pay each month.
Upland EOS
The old timers said that this was not the case in the past. Just work hard and eventually anyone can afford a property. I do not know why, maybe because of inflation or people doing property business where they keep on buying and selling repeatedly, the price skyrocketed. Maybe because the minority finally got their hands on most of the properties which can be almost a monopoly so they can just set the price high. In the end, we Millenials and GenerationZ have no almost no hope in finding properties with decent price so might as well bury the idea of business in real estate. Well, we can still dream by playing Monopoly video games such as "Get Rich" but being rich there is only being rich there. However Upland plans to bring the real economy into the game that if we profit we will really become rich not only inside the game but in real life as well because they plan to have the in-game currency and other assets to be tradeable to real world physical asset.
first property upland
While I did skim through their website, social medias, and whitepaper, what I will be writing here will only be purely based on my experience in trying Upland mixed with my opinion. Simply I saw Upland as an Earth Metaverse which is a virtual reality based on the real earth where we can do real estate business in this digital universe. Here, we can experience digitally of being a real estate entrepreneur where we buy virtual real estate for a profit and become virtual land owners. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, digital value can be converted into physical value and other than that, the team also plans to connect fiat payment directly.
Property Certificate EOS Blockchain
Still, if the developers quit, wouldn't Upland just vanishes? Upland is a decentralized application (dapp) currently on the EOS blockchain. If the developers quit, others can easily take their place and run the dapp. What about our assets? They are all recorded on the EOS blockchain and far in the future they may integrate with other blockchains. We can find the whitepaper, social media, and blog on their website but I was curious about the token which I cannot search on EOS block explorer. Eventually, I found and found the two smartcontracts:
property bought upland
Now, how do I see the profit of Upland? Ofcourse there are many strategies including the default real estate strategy about finding undervalued potential famous places, but my opinion is closer to web domain investing. I think that people in the real world will one day want to own a counterpart of their properties in Upland. The first properties I'd hunt are real life property owners who are pro cryptos. They have higher probability of finding Upland and will want to own the same properties in Upland as the ones in real life. I forsee in the future that Upland properties can serve as a marketing to real life properties. For example, purchasing a physical property will get a bonus of the counterpart property in Upland or an even more crazy example that Upland purchases can represent real life physical purchases.

How to Start

You do not need to know about complicated technical knowledge. You do not need to learn about decentralized finance (DeFi) to start eventhough it is best to be integrated in the future. To start, you only need to:

  1. Visit Upland:
  2. Register your email address.
  3. Check your email for reply and login.

My video above only took 2 minutes:

  • 00:00 Upland website
  • 00:10 Upland registration
  • 00:27 Email notification
  • 00:50 Getting Started
  • 01:35 For now only San Francisco and Fresno
  • 01:40 Chose Fresno

Mobile Complete Tutorial

In contrast to the desktop short getting started guide, if you access the dapp using a mobile device, you will get a much more detailed tutorial complete with animation. If you want to see this tutorial on desktop or again on mobile go to menu > settings > tutorial. Yeah, some of us are too lazy to try Upland or watch my video, so I rewrote the tutorial text fo you people here:

  • 00:00 Upland Tutorial
    • A Virtual Property Trading Game That's Smashing The Boundary Between The Real and Virtual World.
    • We've turned Earth into a global game board, and are inviting you to join the ownership revolution, where you no longer just play for fun, you play to own.
  • 00:28 Your block explorer.
    • Once you sign up to Upland, you will choose your block explorer.
    • You can always change your block explorer's appearance later.
    • Your block explorer serves as your game piece in Upland.
    • Use your explorer to discover and buy new properties.
    • Your explorer will roam Upland on its own.
    • But there are different ways for you to alter its location.
    • Like sending it to your own properties.
  • 01:08 Buying your first property.
    • Once you've chosen your explorer.
    • Collect your UPX signup bonus to get started with Upland.
    • Your explorer will have already discovered a few properties.
    • Click on the Parcel to see the property's detail.
    • Click the buy button to acquire the property.
    • Check out your property title.
    • Where you can verify your ownership on the blockchain.
  • 01:53 Your UPX earnings
    • Now that you own a property in Upland,
    • Click the UPX award icon and then tap each pile of UPX
    • But you can also boost your UPX earnings
    • By placing your property in collections!
  • 02:35 Completing Collections
    • Click on the collections button on the bottom menu.
    • Let's start with the newbie collection!
    • Click the edit collection button
    • and then click the property to place it in the collection
    • When you complete collections, you win a one time install reward
    • And as long as your properties are kept in the collection
    • You will enjoy a boost on their UPX earnings!
  • 03:15 Your Upland VISA
    • As a visitor to Upland, you are on a journey to become an Uplander
    • Until you become an Uplander, make sure to stamp your VISA
    • Once you reach a net worth of 10000 UPX
    • You will officially become an Uplander with full rights
    • and enjoy true ownership of your assets in Upland forever!
    • Once Uplander, you are free to trade your assets
    • with other Uplanders in the marketplace!
    • Buy sell or trade your properties
    • and enjoy true ownership of your assets!
  • 04:32 Login to my account
  • 05:00 Exploring Upland on Mobile

What New Players Today May Confuse About

different tile colors upland
In the guide from the website we can find what the color means on different tiles. While it is true that everything is written on the tutorial, maybe my understanding is bad that only permanent Uplanders with more than 10000 UPX net worth can buy the dark green tiles. New visitors can only buy the light green tiles. With the quote that "early birds gets the worms" applies here, today there are almost no light green tiles left. I do find very few light green tiles, but all of the are prices above 10000 UPX which is the same that we should just aim to become an Uplander straight away (note that we are initially visitors and if we forget to renew our VISA every few days, the assets we bought can be reset). As for me, I cannot proceed with anything after registering even with the signup bonus, so I purchase enough UPX with Bitcoin to upgrade my status to permanent Uplander.


Content Creation



  • LBRY: LBC 9.20170501 ≈ $3.5025093898913697


Personal Monetization

Common Tasks



  • Survey, faucet, etc.: $0


This month I received many Netbox referral rewards unlike other months which are purely activities so thanks for using my link! Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

March 2021 Income ≈ $121

Grade: C

Personal Comments

Like last month, the hundred dollar is probably due to the bull market and not due to my hard work because this month I wrote far less than previous months. Usually, I needed to write at least once a day to reach $100. Well this does not apply to everyone. My articles are not top grade articles which is why posting once a day is needed to reach $100. Top articles probably can make hundreds of dollars.

Eventhough I wrote much less but I was very happy this month as I added more professions into my list. I officially added crypto gem hunting and yield farming into my daily routine. Sometimes, I was lucky to take some arbitrage trading opportunities. I was very stressed because I did not achieve my target of greatly multiplying my portfolio because I wanted to use them as collateral to my families and friends to start my personal startup or at least my independent job. Collateral here means that they will not bother me anymore to find an official employment. I did not reach that goal, but I should be grateful that I profit another 100 months of average salary here this month.

However, this month I have made my determination to charge through the walls despite not reaching my personal goal which was to win 1000 months worth of average salary. If you read my last month report, I already have the intention last month which is to go full with my independent jobs meaning that I will not seek employment in any company. This month, I intend to fully realize that where for now my independent professions are blogging, gem hunting, yield farming, and arbitrage trading. In the future, I want to do more content creating like Youtube and NFTs, build applications related to cryptocurrency portfolio, writing novels, and hopefully I can build a startup and gather teams for it.


Publish0x Earnings
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Publish0x Competition Earnings
Blurt Earnings
Blurt Earnings
Hive Earnings
Hive Earnings
Steemit Earnings
Steemit Earnings
Leo Finance Earnings
Aeneas, Leo Finance, and STEM Geeks Earnings
Filearmy Earnings
This spot is usually for Filearmy but it is finally down after over a year. However, my rewards are still safe in and my image links are still available for example my last month's file army earning screenshot I'd love for file army image hosting to come back again but if it will not then this is farewell with my total earning of BTC 0.00012626.
LBRY Earnings
LBRY Earnings
Coinimp Earnings
Coinimp Earnings
Bittube Airtime Earnings
Bittube Airtime Earnings
Brave Browser Rewards
Brave Browser Rewards
Netbox Browser Rewards
Netbox Browser Rewards
Presearch Rewards
From this month, I am going to include Presearch Rewards because I am starting to frequently use it and here shows an accumulative rewards from many months.


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DEX List Early 2021

Early Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum

Thanks to decentralized exchanges, we can enjoy convenient trading without custody and know your customer (KYC). With Uniswap, trading becomes much more simpler with just the press of the button. Unlike centralized exchanges (CEX) where we need to:

  1. Register and verify our email address.
  2. Today, binding phone number for identity.
  3. Setting 2FA for security.
  4. Verifying identity by uploading identity document and taking a selfie.
  5. Sometimes, proof of address for very strict exchanges.
in convenient decentralized exchanges (DEX) we only need to:
  1. Choose a token and swap.


  1. Installing a web3 supported wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet.
  2. Filling the wallet with the native cryptocurrency for gas fee which is Ethereum in this case and any token we want to exchange.
  3. Click the connect button to connect our wallets.
uniswap liquidity
Not only that, Uniswap allows anyone to provide liquidity and earn a portion of the transaction fees.
Sushi Swap Yield Farming
Sushiswap made the next development which is yield farming where we not only earn portion of the transaction fees but rewarded with their native token Sushi. Eventually, all decentralized exchanges followed their path where they allow anyone to provide liquidity and earn a portion of the transaction fees and rewarded with their native token. UNI a token of Uniswap is one of the most popular token today. Here are some list of decentralized exchange on Ethereum:
uniswap liquidity
However, almost all of us did not expect there are too many demands and too many users which makes the gas fee unaffordable for average users. I personally already thankful for a gas fee of $20 per transaction. During crowded times, in can rise far over $100 per swap.

Decentralized Exchanges Outside of Ethereum

Connect Wallet
While the average users are waiting for Ethereum 2.0 to fix the high gas fee problem, in early 2021 decentralized exchange outside of Ethereum blockchain started to emerge. The fees are lower than $1 per transaction either because they made them cheap or there are just not much users yet. Anyway, the following are the DEX that I found during the time of this writing. No need to worry about how to connect, just click the "connect wallet" button for every DEX and they will tell us of what wallet we can use.

Binance Smart Chain

The following DEXs are on Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with all transactions paid in BNB. Note that it is different from Binance Chain ecosystem where the address starts in bnb..., this ecosystem uses the same address as Ethereum. Therefore, you can use Metamask by just switching networks:

Metamask Network
(1) Click the network menu on the top or go to settings > Network. (2) Custom Network or Add Network. (3) Fill in the configuration for Binance Smart Chain:

Disclaimer: do not trust even me easily, always check their official website for example because you may get your fund stolen if you use a malicious RPC (please correct me if I am wrong).

Still, I prefer to use the Binance Chain Extension as it provides cross chain transactions between Binance Chain (bnb....) and Binance Smart Chain (0x....).

Pancake Swap

Pancake Swap
Pancake Swap is the currently best automated market maker (AMM) DEX other then Uniswap. One of the reasons why BNB rose in price. The average fee is below $1 per transaction.
Pancake Swap Yield Farming
Yield farming is also available and low fee as well. I always wanted to provide liquidity on Uniswap but cannot even try because of the high fee. Here you can try even for education just providing few dollars of liquidity and yield farming because the fees are less than $1 for each transactions.

Other DEXs

The following DEXs originally just Ethereum DEXs but are integrating Binance Smart Chain into them:

Binance Chain

Binance DEX
This is Binance's official DEX using the traditional orderbook with only trading function with no liquidity providing insentive and yield farming. Other than that, ther is BEPSwap that uses AMM Trading.


Just Swap
Do you know before Binance Smart Chain, Tron already follows Ethereum's path. Even in 2020, they already have JustSwap where we too can provide liquidity to Tron tokens and earn or farm JST. The native coin is TRX which is used to pay gas fees. Metamask is not currently supported where you have to install their Tron Link wallet.

There are other Tron DEXs other than Just Swap but they are still using traditional order book:

Tomo Chain

Lua Swap
Like Tron, Tomo Chain also immediately followed Ethereum's path and released their Lua Swap in 2020 with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in TOMO. Their previous TomoDex using traditional orderbook is also running. They also have a TomoBridge that can cross chain Ethereum, Binance Chain, Solana, and will bring more to bridge to Tomochain. Other than their official Tomo Chain wallet, Metamask is supported:


A trending AMM DEX on Matic/Polygon blockchain which is a blockchain aims for interoperability between Ethereum and other blockchain is Quick Swap with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in Matic and we can use Metamask wallet based on their guide:


On Neo blockchain currently there is Flamingo with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the current supporting wallet is Neoline and O3.

There are other DEXs which uses traditional orderbook:


On Zilliqa blockchain currently there is Zilswap also by Switcheo with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the current supporting wallet is Zilpay or directly input private key which can be filled with Zilliqa.


Raydium and Serum
On Solana blockchain currently there are Raydium and Serum with both traditional order book trading and AMM swap avaialble along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in SOL which can be contained in Sollet, Solflare, and some other Solana wallets.


On Avalanche blockchain recently there is Pangolin with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in AVAX. If you hold 100 UNI in your Ethereum Wallet until the end of 2020, do not forget to claim your PNG airdrop. The wallet used is Metamask in Pangolin and use to bridge your native AVAX to the smart chain network and there is also a bridge between Ethereum and Avalanche on
Zero Exchange
Another that I found is Zero Exchange which also provides a bridge between Ethereum and Avalanche..


Just a few days before the writing of this article, Energi blockchain released its Energi Swap with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in NRG where the wallet used is Metamask:


In QTUM blockchain there is Qiswap with AMM swap available along with liquidity providing and yield farming where the gas fees are in QTUM but the only supported wallet now is qiwallet.

OKEX Chain

Like Binance Exchange, OKEX Exchange also wanted to keep up and released their OKEX Chain with both their orderbook and AMM decentralized exchange called OKEX Swap liquidity providing and yield farming available.


There is an AMM swap still in demo on Cosmos main blockchain called B-Harvest with liquidity providing and yield farming available.

Sif Chain

Sif Chain
Another one still in demo on is Sif Chain DEX with liquidity providing and yield farming available.

Others Only Order Book

Finally, looking forward to Polkadot and other cross chain products. Leave a comment if you know anymore to complete this list.



This is a book that introduces cryptocurrency to users which does not contain deep theories but light illustration, permables, and technical guidance for anyone to become a user. This book is licensed under creative commons attribution customized sharealike (cc-by-sa) where I Fajar Purnama as the creator customized the ShareAlike (sa) license here where you are also allowed to sell my contents but with a condition that you must mention that the free and open version is available here.