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You May / Actually Highly Recommended

  • Download a bitcoin wallet and note your public and private keys.
  • Mine bitcoin.
  • Participate in airdrops, faucets, giveaways, and other free stuffs.
  • Become a merchant that accepts bitcoin.
  • Have channels for exchanging bitcoin whether peer-to-peer, centralized exchange, or decentralized exchange.
  • Buy maximum $10 of bitcoin.

The Risk of Rushing into Bitcoin

The risk is from yourself. If you are not mentally strong enough, you will not able to handle the volatile market. Tomorrow, it may rise by a thousand dollars but the next day may drop by two thousand dollars. You will become like the FOMO losers who buy when the price is high and sell when the price is low especially if you are here to get rich quick. When people asks you why you buy bitcoin and you only answer "to get rich" they will eat you alive.

Question Checklist Before Buying More Bitcoin

The bitcoin March 2020 crash.
In 2 days the bitcoin price crashed from around $9000 to $5000. Have you learned your lesson? This is a question directed not to professional traders, supporter, or technologist, but to you who are only here to get rich quick. Therefore, here are some questions I recommended you to answer before diving into the market again especially for you who haven't dive into the market but considering.

1. Do you know how the current global monetary system is created and how it works?

  • To understand the significance of bitcoin, you need to know how the current monetary system works.
  • How is your money created?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Who controls it?
  • You at least need to know the Bretton woods system in 70s and how it was replaced by the freely floating fiat currencies. I learned this from Mike Meloney.
  • Dollar purchasing power chart.

2. Have you studied some previous monetary crisis'?

3. Do you know why bitcoin was created?

  • Other than its innovation, early bitcoin was created to free the monetary system from the monopoly of the central banks.
  • At least from what I think based on the early message on the genesis block "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks".
  • Genesis block 2009 second bail out.
  • Go back to the past and go the inventors shoes and think why they decided to build bitcoin in the first place. Andreas Antonopoulos explains very well in his book and talk the Internet of Money, this is where my stance in bitcoin changes.

4. Do you know what bitcoin is and how it works?

At least watch a short video how bitcoin works.

5. Do you know the benefit of bitcoin?

6. Do you know the challenges of bitcoin?

Until you understand them, you should not buy more bitcoin because not only you are leaving yourself vulnerable, your future actions will burden the entire cryptocurrency community and those who really needs cryptocurrency like the unbanks, the discriminated, etc. The best approach is to educate yourself first.


Source Code
Source Code

1. Hack Administrative Access Windows 7

The PC was designed for the user to only have standard user account privilege (near guest account) where the user only have the right to read and execute certain data and application. Unlike administrator account doesn’t have the privilege to modify the PC’s setting for example uninstalling admin’s program, editing the registry, modify the services, set the startup, etc.

Here a method is explained for a standard user or non-user at all to gain administrative access. The method uses physical means through a bootable media such as CD or USB thumb drive to gain access to administrative command line (cmd.exe here) in order to create an administrator user using the vulnerability of sticky key (sethc.exe here). The simulation here uses Virtual Machine (VM) of Windows 7 since I don't want to mess with my real Operating System (OS) (using VM is a great alternative for home experiment).

The concept is to use the vulnerability in Sethc.exe, more details can be referred to below video.

  1. Try hitting "Shift" button more than 5x, a sticky key should pop.
  2. Go to C:\Windows\System32.
  3. Replace "Sethc.exe" with "cmd.exe" by copying "cmd.exe" and renaming to "Sethc.exe".
  4. Try hitting "Shift" button more than 5x again, a command prompt should pop.

2. sethc.exe vulnerability

The goal is how to unleash command prompt at startup. Sometimes the safe mode to start command prompt is disabled so another method is needed. The method here is to use the vulnerability in sticky key, replace “sethc.exe” with “cmd.exe”. To do this anything that could have the permission to read and write data on system’s directory will do. On the field I need to execute this quickly to avoid suspicion, so I boot “FreeDOS” from USB with “NTFSParagon” in it to write “cmd.exe” on the host’s directory. I even brought my own cmd.exe because the limit of “NTFSParagon”.

An easier way is to live boot an Operating System (OS) such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. The issue is the OS commonly used by people nowadays is heavy and large for this kind of job. If there’s a lighter way, why not (booting DOS was the lightest from my experience). I found a good light boot application for diagnosing a PC called Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD). Figure 1 shows Partition Magic was included in UBCD (a light Linux based for partition). Through here I can access on “C:\Windows\System32” using the “filemanager”, copy “cmd.exe” to (replace) “sethc.exe” shown on Figure 2. Restart and boot to Windows, then click shift 5x or more. A command prompt will show up as shown in Figure 3. (You can use Rufus, Universial USB, Yumi, Unetboot, or other softwares to make a bootable USB, just choose UBCD iso). (click image to enlarge).

Live Boot UBCD
Figure 1. Live Boot UBCD
Overwrite cmd.exe sethc.exe
Figure 2. Overwrite cmd.exe sethc.exe
Command Prompt Access before Log-on
Figure 3. Command Prompt Access before Log-on

Through here a command line with administrator privilege was summoned. It’s available to create a user and promote any user up to administrator. The syntax to do so as followed:

  1. “Net user [username] [password] /add”, example “net user fajar purnama /add”. Username is fajar and password is purnama.
  2. “Net localgroup administrators [user] /add”, example “net localgroup fajar add”.
  3. “Net view” to look add PC name (here is Client-PC), to login sometimes you have to include the PC name, (PC name usually available on sticker on the front PC). I login using “Username: Client-PC\fajar” and “Password: purnama”.
  4. Finally an administrator account is created as on Figure 4.
Administrator Account
Figure 4. Administrator Account

3. USB Access Through Trend Office Scan

After gaining administrator privilege then gaining access to USB thumb drive available. It’s identified that a software name Micro Trend Office Scan is responsible for controlling the device. But one flaw is found, it takes time to load the service thus giving the user a chance to disable the service even further disable the password, lastly even uninstall.

The data was obtained by simulating the bypass of my own laptop, not even using my Windows but using a virtual machine with Windows 7 in it. Then I downloaded Micro Trend Office Scan, asked for trial for 30 days, and install in my Windows 7 virtual machine. In other words an environment similar to the host was created, not performing on the real host.

As in Figure 5, “Micro Trend Office Scan” is responsible for blocking USB Thumb Drive Access. There’s a time limit to unblock this. At the beginning after restarting the PC:

  1. Quickly login.
  2. Quickly go to services (you may type “services” in search bar).
  3. Disable TMBMServer shown on Figure 6.
  4. Now data transfer is possible as shown on Figure 7.
  5. To disable password, edit the registry.
  6. Edit the value of “NoPwdProtect” at “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc.” from “0” to “1”.
  7. There is also “Allow Uninstall” and you may edit.
  8. Figure 8 shows Micro Trend Office Agent unlocked.

This method is one at a time use only. I meant that you have to repeat these steps again if you reboot your PC. Further action needed if you want to maintain the access which will be explained at the next section.

Unable to perform data transfer using flash disk
Figure 5. Unable to perform data transfer using flash disk
Disabling Trend Micro Unauthorized change
Figure 6. Disabling Trend Micro Unauthorized change
Able to perform data transfer using flash disk
Figure 7. Able to perform data transfer using flash disk
Unlock office scan agent
Figure 8. Unlock office scan agent

4. Maintaining Access

The maintaining access here means that the steps on Section 3 don’t have to be repeated the next time we boot the PC. Instead we will configure for the steps above to run at startup, to do that we need to know the command line base of the above methods. Code 1 contains a simple command to replace “sethc.exe” with “cmd.exe”. Code 2 contains commands to stop and disable Trend Micro Unauthorized Change Service, followed by editing “NoPwdProtect” key registry.

Code 1. Replace-sethc-with-cmd.bat
copy C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\sethc.exe pause
Code 2. Disable-Micro-Trend-Office-Scan.bat
			sc stop TMBMServer
			sc config TMBMServer start= disabled
			reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro\PC-cillinNTCorp\CurrentVersion\Misc. /v NoPwdProtect /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

The following can be done in “computer management” to add startups:

  1. Open Computer Management (type in search bar), pick the option task scheduler, and then choose create task.
  2. On the General Menu it’s up to you to set but we recommend to tick “run with highest privilege”.
  3. On the Trigger Menu we can choose whether to run at startup, after login, both of them, or custom use.
  4. Finally in Action Menu is where the script is inserted, insert Code 1 and Code 2 one at a time. You can refer to the bat file, but sometimes running bat files is blocked. Another option is to insert the command itself (not the script file / bat file) which is more promising.
  5. Other menu is not needed in this report but feel free in setting to your needs.
  6. Once it is done 2 tasks should show on the scheduler library as in Figure 9. The next time it boots it should run those 2 tasks.
Task Scheduler
Figure 9. Task Scheduler